Deb Bell Named BNI Member of the Year 2012
BNI Circle of Success Chapter
Now, more than ever, business people need to network to stay ahead in business. BNI is the positive, supportive, and structured environment to build deep relationships and exchange quality business referrals. Just one person per professional specialty is allowed in each chapter.

Deb Bell of Bell Graphics has been a member of the powerful BNI Circle of Success Chapter of BNI since 2010. She was voted the chapter's 2012 Member of the Year and has held many leadership positions including visitor host, membership committee member and marketing director. Contact Deb to find out more about how BNI can help you build your business.

Below are members of the BNI Circle of Success – Branding Power Team:

Allegra Printing

Dave Hassall, Allegra Printing
(941) 758-6500
Bell Graphics

Deb Bell, Bell Graphics, Inc.
(941) 792-6030
Cruz Photography

Manny Cruz, Cruz Portrait Design
(941) 748-6824
New Age Technology

Paul Webb, New Age Technology
(941) 251-3976
The On-Hold Company

Bob Barnes, The On-Hold Company
(941) 761-3051
Paradigm Pathways

Ryan Stoyles, Paradigm Pathways
(941) 275-2657
Signs Now

Brian Lamb, Signs Now
(941) 792-4453
Visual Harmony

Kristeen Ezell, Visual Harmony Prod.
(941) 807-1101